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All THOMAS SABO collections bear the unmistakable signature of the company founder: a unique mix of glamour and Rock ‘n’ Roll, nostalgia and the modern. With a sensitivity for trends, flawless attention to detail and a passion for jewellery, Thomas Sabo not only gave Sterling silver a whole new look in the 1980s, he also gave it a whole new significance.

Charm Club Collection

A collection that does not stand still: the THOMAS SABO Charm Club stands for the brand's diversity and joie de vivre, and has been given a new structure with the additionally developed Charming Collection range. At its core, the new Collection line combines popular symbols of the Charm Club world and THOMAS SABO’s expertise in Sterling silver with the current mix & match trend. The design language is delicate and fun-loving and inspires the creation of personal looks in layering and stacking style.

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Sterling Silver Collection

This collection forms the very core of the THOMAS SABO brand. The items of jewellery made from 925 Sterling silver are manufactured with precision craftsmanship, embellished with exquisite stones and renowned for their expressive designs. Whether Tree of Love or Magic Stars designs, fine bracelets or rings: the diverse Sterling Silver Collection is constantly creating new trends.

Rebel at Heart Collection

Created by hand with precision craftsmanship, made from blackened 925 Sterling silver and with hand-picked, precious stones: the iconic Rebel at heart line is characterised by the special feel for expressive design codes. The subtle mix of materials and the detailed signature characterise the unique aesthetics of the collection.

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Watch Collection

The perfect timepiece for all occasions and personal tastes: THOMAS SABO offers men and women a wide selection of different watch designs. Tailored to complement the self-confident design codes of the jewellery, these watches are perfect for combining with our rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

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