DGA are proud to be the exclusive Australian and New Zealand Distributor for HIRSCH Watch Bracelets. Considered the world’s most prestigious replacement watchband brand the HIRSCH company from Austria has been represented to Australia’s finest Watch Retailers by DGA for more than 15 years. Building the bridge between watches and people for more than 200 years HIRSCH is also the world’s leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplying straps and bracelets to the most successful and famous watch companies of the world.


The art of leather processing, attention to quality, innovative design, functionality and the variety of lifestyles reflected in the collection all accord with Hirsch’s principle of striving for all that is best in the creation of watch bracelets. A loving attention to detail and a desire for constant improvement guarantee a wealth of benefits to the customer marking out HIRSCH as being far above the common market standard.


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