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Since 1966, Sekonda, the top British-designed watch brand for men's watches and ladies watches has taken a 'no time for nonsense' approach to providing customers with great quality watches at a great price. 

Ladie's Watches

Every lady needs the perfect watch to suit their lifestyle. The Sekonda watches for ladies collection features a stylish designer timepieces to suit any woman.


Men's Watches

Every man needs a watch that’s affordable whilst also providing precise timekeeping and a robust design. The Sekonda watches for men collection features a large variety of designer timepieces to suit any man; renowned for their all-rounder appeal, high quality parts, great value for money and an ethos to consistently try new things and keep creating new men’s watch designs

Smart Watches

Introducing our new range of Sekonda Smart Watches. Stylish and great value - with features you want and need! Let’s face it, when will you check your height above sea level, track your 100-mile cycle route, or even your oxygen consumption? No need for fussy tech, be smart with your time and money.

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