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Luminox (LUMI is Latin for light while NOX is Latin for night) was born in 1989, driven by a commitment to offer cutting-edge luminescence and readability in its line of high-performance sports watches.

Since then, we refer to the illumination technology in the Luminox watches as the Luminox Light Technology (LLT).

Luminox Light Technology

Luminox uses a proprietary technology, formerly reserved for the military, that makes Luminox watches literally stand out. Each Luminox watch features tiny gas lights (borosilicate glass capsules), which are always lit, on the hands, hour markers and when necessary, bezels. As a result, Luminox watches are always readable at a glance, no matter what the conditions are.


Sea Series

Luminox watches have been valued and worn by maritime experts all over the world for more than thirty years. Their robust construction, their water-resistance, and their energy-independent illumination system make them the perfect companion for both outdoor activities and everyday life

Air Series

Take to the skies with our AIR Series. With their characteristics, such as high durability and extreme illumination power, which lasts for up to 25 years thanks to our Luminox Light Technology (LLT) energy-independent illumination system, these watches are the perfect companion for your next adventure. The series has its origins in our partnership with renowned fighter aircraft manufacturer "Lockheed Martin", which still operates today.


Land Series

Luminox watches are built for all the adventures and activities of your life and are often tested by the toughest elite forces on the globe.  Professionals such as ICE-SAR and military forces across the world rely on our Luminox Light Technology. When time is of the essence, Luminox watches are the perfect companion, thanks to their perfect visibility in all conditions.

Luminox x Bear Grylls

Your Bear Grylls Survival Collection timepiece is designed to help you survive.


Whether it’s the countdown dive zone on the Sea watch, the walking speed scale or paracord strap on the Land, or SOS in Morse code on the 300-meter water resistant Master series, these timepieces will be your trusty companions and help you conquer any conditions.


These special details combine with the legendary ability of Luminox watches to perform in extreme situations, making the partnership with Bear Grylls perfect in every way.

Even Luminox’s motto, Every Second Counts, dovetails flawlessly with Grylls’ Never Give Up.

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