One day more than eight years ago, Gary Bryant’s wife lost an earring on their gravel drive, despite frantic searching, sadly it was never seen again.


This small disaster set Gary thinking. His background is engineering with 14 years in medical engineering, working on life support equipment in hospitals. He couldn’t believe there wasn’t a better solution to conventional earring backs, given how easily and frequently they fail. So in a shed in his garden he started making prototypes.

Three years later he found the solution, and made what he believes to be the world’s best earring back. Since then, his amazing invention has been patented and has several patent pending improvements. It’s been scientifically tested for the equivalent of 50 years of daily use without failing – Lox back can actually lift a house brick. Gary insisted that its plastic part is hypoallergenic and biocompatible. The stainless steel element was also tested for nickel release at the Birmingham Assay Office. The results were negative – another milestone passed.

After eight years of work Gary’s invention came to market. Since then it has already sold over 80,000 pairs to delighted women.

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