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Daniel Wellington

While backpacking in Australia, Our Founder met a stranger who would change his life forever.


A stranger with a striking sense of fashion and a designer watch head latched on an old, weathered NATO strap. Someone who would shift the course of our founder’s future.


Someone by the name DANIEL WELLINGTON. The encounter ignited a spark in the self-taught designer a dream of designing the perfect minimalistic watch. A watch where design and quality would never be compromised yet remain affordable for anyone with the same sense of style and passion. Classic and refined, Daniel Wellington is made for those who aspire and the ones.

Scandinavian Design

Designed in Sweden, Daniel Wellington's  motto is TIMELESS STYLE - We stick to our roots by creating sustainable, quality accessories that will remain effortless for years to come.


Classic Jewellery

Daniel Wellington jewellery perfectly complements their iconic watches, sharing the same ethos of understated elegance. With a focus on clean aesthetics and fine materials, their jewellery  harmoniously pairs with the brand's renowned timepieces, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look that resonates with individuals who appreciate both style and subtlety.

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