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Swarovski’s most astonishing innovations have always emerged from the company’s legacy of craftsmanship and technology. Swarovski Created Diamonds, are no exception – a feat of master cutting and a move towards more conscious materials. Brilliant beyond nature, Swarovski Created Diamonds embrace the demands of modern luxury with the atelier creation of a 100% diamond. Just as a greenhouse-grown orchid is identical to one found in nature, a Swarovski Created Diamond faithfully reflects the growth process of mined diamonds.


All Swarovski Created Diamonds are hand-selected and graded according to the industry specific 4Cs (Clarity, Cut, Colour and Carat) by Swarovski gemmologists to ensure their brilliance, with each stone of 0.70 carat and larger accompanied by a report from the Independent Gemmological Institute. As proof of origin, each Swarovski Created Diamond 0.10ct/3mm and larger carries a laser engraving, visible only under strong magnification, identifying it as an authentic Swarovski jewel of extraordinary beauty.